By hosting the world's largest VR event and providing a VR development engine, we realize an open metaverse that transcends the barriers of platforms.

We provide opportunities for companies to develop their own unique VR services, for creators to have a place to make further announcements, and for users to easily access free worlds that they can enjoy fully.


Unbeatable experience

We plan content with incredible experiences only possible in VR using technology and know-how cultivated from running the biggest VR event in the world.
Use Cases

Fully customizable

We plan optimal VR systems according to client needs and provide full support, so clients don't feel intimidated by VR.
Development Examples

Top results in the world

Over 1 million visitors, winners of multiple international awards, global clientele, and results unparalleled in the industry.

Use Cases

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Movie Theaters

Retail Stores

Amusement Rides

Development Examples

JR East "Virtual Akihabara Station"
East Japan Railway Company
JR East exhibited" Virtual Akihabara Station "at the world's largest VR event" Virtual Market 6 ". The liveliness of real Akihabara station is reproduced in virtual space. Through continuous efforts, we will realize the creation of new experience value that combines real and digital, which is the goal of the JR Group's "Beyond Stations Concept".
Audi E-tron VR Test Drive
Client: Audi Japan KK
A VR booth we designed and developed where visitors could test drive Audi's first electric car, the Audi E-tron Sportback (Scandinavian build) and talk to salespeople using avatars to learn more about the vehicle.
Virtual Netflix Theater
Client: Netflix
A virtual theater we built and developed for the Netflix original anime Ghost in the Shell: SAC_2045. The first episode of the anime played in the theater, and we also constructed gimics to make an experience only possible in VR, including an automatic falling mechanism referencing the anime's opening scene.
BEAMS Virtual Shop
Client: BEAMS Co., Ltd.
We created and developed a virtual shop replica of the BEAMS Harajuku store. We also displayed a giant original rocket based on a project with JAXA and a Momoiro Clover Z collaboration.
Godzilla at Virtual Market 5
Client: TOHO CO., LTD.
We made and developed something only possible in VR — a booth where visitors could watch Godzilla up close as he destroys a Japan-themed town at night. The booth also sold 3D Godzilla avatars and accessories.
PKCZ Special VR ChamberZ Meet & Greet
Client: LDH JAPAN Inc.
We created and developed a VR exhibit along with creative content to support a virtual concert for Creative Unit PKCZ, a musical group belonging to talent agency LDH Japan.
Virtual Hawks Store
Clients: SoftBank & Fukuoka SoftBank Hawks
We developed and opened a limited-time virtual store called the Hawks Store Paypay Dome, an official sports merchandise shop for the Fukuoka SoftBank Hawks. We also held a talk show with celebrities in time for the opening of the professional baseball season.
Virtual Boat Show
We created and developed Toyota Marine World as a specially built virtual booth for the Japan International Boat Show 2021. Visitors could experience the show not only in VR, but also in web browsers using Hubs.


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VR Awards 2020: Grand Prize for VR Marketing
We received the grand award at the internationally acclaimed VR Awards for VR Marketing, a category where we were up against industry giants including Disney Animation Studio, Oculus Rift S and Valve Index.
Grand Prize for XR Creative Awards 2020
We received the grand prize for the XR Creative Awards, an organization that judges XR content and services and boasts famous industry judges including Yoichi Ochiai.
The world's largest VR event "Virtual Market" was certified as two Guinness World Records™
[Guinness World Records™ as the largest number of booths at virtual reality market events] and [the largest number of avatar photos posted on Twitter in an hour] were both recognized as records.

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