A VR engine that supports in-house service development using virtual spaces

About Vket Cloud

Vket Cloud is a VR engine that makes developing services for in-house virtual spaces possible. Functions include easy access from URLs, voice chat communication using 3D avatars, and service expansion into aesthetic virtual spaces.

  • Retail stores
  • Live concerts
  • Customer support
  • Theaters
  • Previews/exhibitions
Sample worlds

A high-performance VR engine that runs on smartphones and computers

Make virtual spaces accessible from smartphones, computers, and tables by building virtual spaces in web browsers like Google Chrome and Safari. Unlike existing VR platforms, we can support development of VR services on your corporate website.

  • Launch from a web link

    Accessible directly from a URL, No app installation needed

  • Multi-device compatible

    Accessible from smartphones, computers, tablets, and HMDs

  • Provided through OEM

    Develop a VR service on your company website without relying on external services

  • Outperforming the competition

    High quality aesthetics and spectacular experiences

Unbeatable performance

We offer spectacular experiences with local loading capabilities that make gorgeous open worlds possible using display and physically based rendering for content over 1,000,000 polygons, even web browsers.

  • Drawing performance equivalent to PS4

  • Compatible with physically based rendering

  • Also compatible with game development

  • Open world VR spaces also possible

Highly customizable

Customizable according to the use case. We provide services according to customer needs, including various business requirements or external service partnerships.

  • Use original domains

  • Implement in-house IDs

  • Link external APIs

  • Install analytics

Development examples

  • PKCZ® VR DJ Event: ~Bon-Noh-Music-Festival~ at EMISSION
    LDH Japan Co., Ltd.
    A DJ event titled “~Bon-Noh-Music-Festival~ at EMISSION” that was hosted by LDH Japan’s creative unit, PKCZ. We made it easy to access to the VR venue with an easy click of a URL, so fans of the group without VR equipment or gaming computers could join from their smartphones. Attendees could talk with each other at the venue and watch PKCZ’s DJ performance on a giant display.
  • BEAMS Virtual Shop (Vket 6)
    BEAMS Co., Ltd.
    A virtual BEAMS shop developed as an individual Vket 6 booth for Vket 6 that anyone can access easily from web browsers, computers, or smartphones. The booth includes several displays and showcases where you can view and interact with BEAMS products and collaborative merchandise indicative of their brand power, and visitors can buy the real-life goods from their e-commerce store after experiencing it in virtual reality. The booth areas include a recreation of popular “Onsen no Susume 2021” by Kotobukiyu Sento in Higashiueno, Tokyo. The booth also features an exhibit of popular puppet animation Pui Pui Molcar, figures of Kinniku Man and Meat-kun by Five Star Toys in customized colors for Vket 6, and a display for Netflix’s original anime “Eden” and upcoming anime “Kyokai Senki.”
  • Game Vket Zero
    HIKKY Co., Ltd.
    An indie game convention held in April 2021 with 96 creator/indie game developer booths and 30 corporate sponsors. The VR space had several creative booths, and visitors were able to encounter indie games developed by creators.