Virtual Market
Beginning in 2018 as a twice per year convention, Virtual Market is the largest market festival virtual reality has to offer. Users around the world gather to buy and sell 3D assets/avatars, as well as real-world products like food, clothing, and electronics. The event sees over 1.2 million visitors every season, proudly achieving a *Guinness World Record™ for its scale. Pioneering in "virtually unique" ways of immersion, visitors experience services through entertainment, like trying vehicles around the venue, being attended by real staff in full-body avatars, or partaking in live stage performances. For businesses, the event continues to be a hub to promote new services and commerce, while being a place to exhibit talent for independent creators.
*The Guinness World Record™ title under "Most booths at a virtual reality market event".
Vket Real
Vket Real is an IRL event inspired by Virtual Market, aimed to bring latest metaverse and XR experience to every person. Bring metaverse to reality... and reality to the metaverse! As an event to create entertainment, new convenience, and excitement of blending virtual and reality by mutual connection, Vket Real has started its journey in 2023, simultaneously held twice a year with its sister: Virtual Market. In Vket Real, anybody can step in the venue in reality to experience metaverse and XR entertainment, without worrying of bringing VR devices or learning beforehand knowledge. To realize a world where anybody can "live in their own way", Vket Real provides opportunities for visitors to participate in their own virtual avatar.
Vket Cloud
Vket Cloud is a metaverse development engine, creating the "Web metaverse" allowing access through web browsers. Virtual spaces created by Vket Cloud can be easily accessed on the web browser without app installation, which allows open content / service access for all users on the internet, rather than providing content inside a closed platform and registered users. Vket Cloud offers various plans according to usage: from the Free Plan for casual metaverse creation, and to the Business Plan for business use including managing virtual shops and other tasks.
My Vket
My Vket is a platform for casual metaverse experience and entertainment. Create your own avatar and virtual room following intuitive instructions. Connect with friends and host/participate in virtual events. Continue your journey of creation by exhibiting in the Virtual Market By My Vket, users will feel the metaverse even closer through free creation and communication.